Welcome to the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum

AATC was founded on October 1, 1993, to recognize teaching and curriculum as a basic field of scholarly study and create a national learned society for the scholarly field of curriculum and teaching. The first secretary-treasurer of AATC promoted the idea of scholarly study based on theoretical applications at the K-12 level. The purpose of our organization is to promote the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum. All analytical and interpretive approaches that are appropriate for the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum shall be encouraged.

AATC continues to serve scholarship in teaching and curriculum through its conferences, journal, and the interaction of its members.  The organization was founded on the idea that it be an open place for discussion of issues around curriculum. We have emphasized the role of conversation and reflection throughout the annual conference by creating spaces for conversation (formal and informal) throughout the event. Our emphasis on being inclusive has led us to create interactive and writing workshop sessions for new faculty and doctoral students.  Another valued aspect of AATC is that established faculty in the field help new faculty establish their work by encouraging co-presentations and co-publications.  We have several awards, John Laska Dissertation Award (founding president); Francis P. Hunkins Article of the Year Award; OL Davis Jr. Book of the Year Award; as well as the Marcella Kysilka Invited Lecture. The organization has a peer-reviewed journal with an internationally known Editorial Advisory Board (e.g., Steve Selden, Thomas Barone, Bill Reid, Michael Apple, and Jean Clandinin).