AATC Mourns the Passing of O.L. Davis, Jr.

April 27, 2020

AATC Statement on the Passing of O. L. Davis, Jr.

Dear AATC Members and Friends:

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of O. L. Davis, Jr. on April 26, 2020. Dr. Davis was Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas Austin and Past President of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. The legacy of Dr. Davis’ significant scholarship to the fields of curriculum and instruction, as well as his substantial impact on the formation and continued success of AATC, cannot be overstated. 

Each year, AATC acknowledges an Outstanding Book in Education. The award is given in recognition of scholarship that adds substantively to the body of knowledge about the practices and theories of curriculum and teaching. This award, dedicated to Dr. Davis, carries with it the Association’s highest honor. In the spirit of Dr. Davis, the O.L. Davis Jr. Outstanding Book Award provides AATC members an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue with distinguished authors across the field of curriculum.     

In 2018, AATC formally recognized Dr. Davis for his contributions to the field at a special session during its Annual Conference in Dallas. The occasion allowed multiple generations of curriculum scholars and teachers to pay tribute to Dr. Davis. Current and past AATC Presidents lined up for pictures with Dr. Davis. Graduate students waited their turn for pictures with Dr. Davis and for his autograph on their programs. In reflecting on these interactions, we are reminded of Dr. Davis’s immortal words, “those who follow our footsteps into the future will cultivate the modest efforts that we have undertaken to strengthen and improve the education of all young Americans”.  Dr. Davis was a mentor to many, and his commitment to dialogue remains foundational to the AATC organization. 

A link for those wishing to contribute to the O. L. Davis, Jr. Endowed Scholarship at UT Austin can be found here.

In closing, AATC offers its sincerest condolences to Dr. Davis’ family and friends. And we celebrate the incredible life of Professor O.L. Davis Jr.— a giant in the field of theory and practice of curriculum and supervision.   


AATC Leadership & Executive Council