Francis P. Hunkins Award

Each year our organization recognizes excellence in scholarship by submitting nominations for the Hunkins Distinguished Article Award.  All members of AATC are encouraged to nominate articles from the current volume of Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the field of curriculum or teaching
  • Promotion of dialogue
  • Implications for improving educational practice
  • Cogency

We will give up to two awards, one in teaching and one in curriculum.  The awardees will be recognized at the AATC annual conference.

Nominations are due by March 20th to CTD Associate Editor.

Thank you in advance for your support of AATC and of Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue. 

Award Recipients

 Curriculum  Teaching

Steven Camicia and Juanjuan Zhu

LGBTQ Inclusion and Exclusion in State Social Studies Standards: Implications for Critical Democratic Education.

Momina Khan

When Does Free Speech Become Offensive Speech? Teaching Controversial Issues in the Classrooms.


Aaron Zimmerman

Helping Early-Career Teachers to See the Aesthetic Dimension of Mathematics Within Standards-Based Curricula.

Amy Masko

“Keep it Real & Love ‘Em Up”: Student-Teacher Relationships in an Urban Middle School. 


Kristina Valtierra & Paul Michalec
Deep Curriculum: Guiding the Inner Lives of Early Career Teachers

Jerry Rosiek, Alison Schmitke, & Julie Heffernan
Queering Teacher Education Curriculum: A Case Study of Lessons Learned in the Transformation of a Teacher Education Program


Jason Immekus, Juan González, & Cathy Yun
License to Let Go in Transitional Kindergarten Programs: Supports and Barriers of Play-Based Strategies

Kristina Valtierra
Survival to Thrive: An Urban Teacher’s Promising Career Story


Paul Parkison. Catharsis in Education: Rationalizing and Reconciling

Elizabeth DormanBuilding Teachers’ Social-Emotional Competence Through Mindfulness Practices

2014 Elliot Eisner & Susan FreemanNotes on Composing and Composition.

Houman Harouni. The Risking of Observations in the Classroom: Teacher as Cultural Critic.

2013 Derek GottliebJudgment, Deliberation, Evaluation: Rediscovering Joseph Schwab’s Practical Arts Amy L. Masko & Lawrence BosiwahTeacher Accountability & Student Responsibility: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of American and Ghanaian Schooling Practices, Policies, and a Reflection on NCLB
2012 David Callejo Perez. What I Learned on the Road to Mississauga: Democracy and Curriculum Jacob W. Neumann & Bryan MeadowsProblematizing notions of decontextualized ‘best practice’

Robert Boostrom. Why I am not wearing a tie: Some thoughts about experience and judgment.

Candace Schlein.  Resonating effects of cross-cultural teaching.