O.L. Davis, Jr. Outstanding Book Award

This book award is given in the spirit and belief that, “those who follow our footsteps into the future will cultivate the modest efforts that we have undertaken to strengthen and improve the education of all young Americans” (O. L. Davis, 2009).

The O.L. Davis, Jr. AATC Outstanding Book in Education Award committee would like to announce the eighth annual presentation of the Award to:

White Fatigue: Rethinking Resistance for Social Justice

by Joseph E. Flynn, Jr.

Available from Peter Lang:



About the Award

Each year, the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC) acknowledges an Outstanding Book in Education. AATC, as a recognized major society in the common fields of curriculum and teaching, selects a book that merits high praise and recognition. The award is given in recognition of scholarship that adds substantively to the body of knowledge about the practices and theories of curriculum and teaching. This award, dedicated to O. L. Davis, carries with it the society’s highest sense of honor. O.L. Davis, Jr. is professor emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin and a long time member of AATC.  Dr. Davis was instrumental in developing AATC into a well-recognized organization dedicated to the discussion, exploration, practice, and research of teaching and curriculum as they impact curricular policy, instruction, and theory.

The book is selected by a five-member committee chosen by the Executive Board of the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. The recipient of the award will receive a plaque at the AATC Conference.

The committee will be guided by the following criteria for evaluating and selecting the recipient of the Outstanding Book Award:

The book must:

  1. make an outstanding contribution to curriculum and/or teaching;
  2. reflect rigorous scholarship.
  3. have a copyright date within the 3 years prior to the award year; reprinted and revised items will not be considered.
  4. be available in English, but may have been published internationally.
  5. Solely written by the author(s), no edited volumes.

Nominations for the O. L. Davis, Jr. Book Award may only come from within the general membership to the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. Nominations may include a letter that addresses the criteria outlined above.

Nominations should be sent to Megan Kennedy at: mkennedy@westfield.ma.edu by April 1st. 

Award Recipients

2017 Sara M. Childers.
Urban Educational Identity: Seeing Students on Their own Terms
2016 Jerry Rosiek and Kathy KinslowResegregation as Curriculum: The Meaning of the New Racial Segregation in US Public Schools
2015 Amy B. DemarestPlace-based Curriculum Design: Exceeding Standards through Local Investigations. Routledge, 2014. David Callejo-Perez, Donna Breault, and William WhiteCurriculum as Spaces: Aesthetics, Community, and the Politics of Place. Peter Lang Publishing, 2014.
2014 William J. ReeseTesting Wars in the Public School. Harvard University Press, 2013 Diane RavitchReign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. Knopf, 2013
2013 Andrew DelbancoCollege: What it Was, Is and Should Be. Princeton University Press, 2012. Yong ZhaoWorld Class Learners. Corwin Press, 2012.
2012 Henry GirouxEducation and the Crisis of Public Values: Challenging the Assault on Teachers, Students and Public Education. Peter Lang Publishing, 2011.
2011 Diane RavitchThe Death and Life of the Great American School System. Basic Books, 2011 Wesley NullCurriculum: From Theory to Practice. Rowan & Littlefield Publishers, 2011.
 2010  Peter M. TaubmanTeaching by Numbers. Rutledge, 2009.