AATC recognizes outstanding work in curriculum and teaching through three awards.

  1. John Laska Dissertation Award
    AATC recognizes outstanding doctoral dissertation research through the awarding of the John Laska Dissertation Award.  Each year, the organization recognizes two outstanding dissertations in teaching and curriculum that best represent the mission of the organization. The dissertation awards are a way to recognize the founder of AATC, Dr. John Laska.  Dr. Laska earned his doctoral degree from Teachers College and was a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at The University of Texas at Austin from 1967 until his death in 1995.  His publications were extensive, as was his supervision of doctoral students from the United States as well as foreign countries.
  2. Francis P. Hunkins Award
    Each year our organization recognizes excellence in scholarship by submitting nominations for the Hunkins Distinguished Article Award.
  3. O.L. Davis, Jr. Outstanding Book Award
    This book award is given in the spirit and belief that, “those who follow our footsteps into the future will cultivate the modest efforts that we have undertaken to strengthen and improve the education of all young Americans” (O. L. Davis, 2009).  Each year, the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum (AATC) acknowledges an Outstanding Book in Education. AATC, as a recognized major society in the common fields of curriculum and teaching, selects a book that merits high praise and recognition. The award is given in recognition of scholarship that adds substantively to the body of knowledge about the practices and theories of curriculum and teaching. This award, dedicated to O. L. Davis, carries with it the society’s highest sense of honor. O.L. Davis, Jr. is professor emeritus at The University of Texas at Austin and a long-time member of AATC. Dr. Davis was instrumental in developing AATC into a well-recognized organization dedicated to the discussion, exploration, practice, and research of teaching and curriculum as they impact curricular policy, instruction, and theory. A faculty member at The University since 1966, O.L. taught graduate courses and seminars in curriculum development (practice and theory), curriculum history, curriculum policy analysis, and an advanced seminar in curriculum studies.