The structure of the organization is based upon the democratic elections of a president and the executive committee. Each president serves in a different capacity for three years. As president-elect, this person organizes the Distinguished Dissertation Awards. As president, this person serves the organization through conference duties, which include a president’s address, and conducting business meetings. Another duty requires the president to write a column in the organization’s newsletter. As past president, this person serves in an advisory capacity to the executive committee and the president and president-elect. The executive secretary has the unique and invaluable job of maintaining various operational functions and financial records of the organization. This person is appointed by the current president and approved by the executive committee for a 3-year term.

2019-2020 AATC Officers

Office Name Affiliation Term Email
President Andrew T. Kemp Augusta University 19-20
President-Elect Kate Kauper Cornell College 20-21
Past President Joseph Flynn Northern Illinois University 19-20
Executive Secretary Caroline Conner Kennesaw State University 18-21
Executive Council David Flinders Indiana University 17-20
Bradley Conrad Capital University 17-20
Matthew Spurlin University of Denver 17-20
Jenn Gutierrez The University of New Mexico 19-22
Paul Parkison University of North Florida 19-22
Dan Conn Minot State University 19-22
Christy McConnell University of Northern Colorado 18-21
Aubrey Southall Aurora University 18-21
Jodie L. Wilson University of Denver 18-21
Historian Dana K. Haraway James Madison University 19-22
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue
Journal Editor
Chara H. Bohan Georgia State University 17-20
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue
Associate Editor
John L. Pecore University of West Florida 17-20
Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue Assistant Editor Franklin S. Allaire University of Houston, Downtown 17-20