About CTD Journal

Journal Information

Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the American Association for Teaching and Curriculum. The purpose of the journal is to promote the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum. The aim is to provide readers with knowledge and strategies of teaching and curriculum that can be used in educational settings. The journal is published annually in two volumes and includes traditional research papers, conceptual essays, as well as research outtakes and book reviews. Publication in CTD is always free to authors.

Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue is supported by AATC and published by Information Age Publishing.  It can be purchased in hard copy or electronic form at http://www.infoagepub.com/

Manuscript Categories

Research Paper / Conceptual Essay Submissions
These papers are expected to be on topics related to teaching and/or curriculum. The length must not exceed 20 pages double-spaced or 5000 words including references. Manuscripts in this category must be received by December 1st.

Research Outtakes
Outtakes provides researchers with an opportunity to share unusual situations, surprises, and unexpected challenges that they have encountered in conducting research but which may be out of place in a standard research report. Submissions should range between 500 to 1000 words and must be submitted by January 15th.

Book Reviews

Reviews of books related to the teaching or curriculum fields will also be welcomed. The length must not exceed 4 pages double-spaced or 1000 words. Manuscripts in this category must be submitted by January 15th.