President’s Message

AATC  2017-2018 President’s Message

This year, the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum (AATC) celebrates 25 years as an organization promoting the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum. The founders of AATC felt a strong need for a national learned society to serve the field of teaching and curriculum and their intersections with theory and practice. Thus, AATC is dedicated to fostering intellectual conversations among its members, producing scholarship in teaching and curriculum by hosting an annual Fall conference, and maintaining the journal, Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue, which reflects our mission and explores the relationship between theory, practice, and policy. Additionally, AATC offers two annual dissertation awards, one in teaching and one in curriculum, the Francis P. Hunkins distinguished article award, as well as the annual O.L. Davis, Jr. book award.

Our membership reflects the fields of teaching and curriculum and consists largely of professors and graduate students from departments of curriculum and instruction, teacher education, and elementary, middle, and secondary education. AATC prides itself on being a place where educators can come together to share ideas, disseminate high-quality research, and make friends. Toward this end, everyone is welcome, from graduate students and early-career faculty to mid-career or seasoned faculty. Within this association, you will find a welcoming place to grow and call home.

On this website, you will find many ways to get involved and join in conversation with us. You can sign up for our listserv, follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and register for our annual conference. Feel free to share any questions, comments, or feedback with us. On behalf of the executive council, we welcome you and hope to see you in Dallas, Texas for our 25th annual conference in October.

All the best,

John L. Pecore, Ph.D.
AATC President
Associate Professor, University of West Florida